Sacrifices must be made…

Ludum Dare is one of the best well known Game Jams in the world. It has continued to be a fantastic source of games every time it runs. For those unfamiliar, a Game Jam is an event where developers are given a timeline of only 48 hours and some kind of challenge to build a game. They are incredibly intense and focus all kinds of game development learning into one brief weekend. I have participated in a dozen or so, and Ludum Dare 43 was one of my all time favorites.

This time, the theme was, “Sacrifices must be made,” and my GOSH was that a fantastic choice. So many incredible games came out of this dare, and I couldn’t help but spend a second to highlight my favorites.

A few rules. These are my personal favorite entries, are all Compo games and were primarily based on how much fun I had playing them. Ludum Dare 43 does it’s own judging, and you can see that list here.

Ludum Dare 43 Top Ten

10: Little Red

A great little puzzle game with simple gameplay and easy to understand mechanics. The art could’ve used some love, but you’ll find yourself enjoying this one. Head to their page for more!

9: Astronaut’s Journey

Ooo boy. Anybody who loves Kerbal Space Program and space in general is going to have fun with this game. It’s a real BLAST. Head to their page here.

8: On The Verge

A bit of a horror game, On The Verge will force you to make some tough decisions. I love the creepy tone of the whole thing more than anything else. Play it here.

7: Diaball

Diaball has a style that is absolutely TO DIE for. It is just beautiful. And besides that it is a great puzzle game that will keep you playing for a while. Check it out here!

6: Soul Crucible

I’ll admit. It took me a second to understand how the heck to play Soul Crucible. But once I did I was invested until I beat the game. This is one of the ones that really deserves more recognition. Play it here!

5: Night’s End

Night’s End is another one that, in many ways, I picked for how it looks. It is just GORGEOUS. Along with that, the game is a fun twitch game with tight controls and engaging gameplay. Check it out here.

4: Respawn Bot

I cannot begin to describe how freaking cute Respawn Bot is. Look at him, with his tiny 8-bit body. And his cute little face. It is an excellent platformer with sacrifice built into the mechanics. Go here for more!


JLIM is a really fresh tasting platformer. You always jump, and cannot stop. Ever. The levels are well designed and take advantage of the mechanic to create a really engaging experience. Check it out here.

2: Behead

Okay so. If you are a follower of mine, you might know that Behead was MY entry into Ludum Dare 43. Blasphemy! Nepotism! How could I do such a thing! Well, to be honest, Behead really rocks. It is my favorite Game Jam game I’ve ever created, and the community really seemed to enjoy it. It placed 32nd in, “Fun,” out of over 750 games. That’s saying something. Head to my page here.

1: Omelettes

Oh my gosh is Omelettes cute. Oh my gosh is it fun. Oh my gosh is it inventive. Oh my gosh did it just perfectly use the, “Sacrifices must be made,” theme well. It was my personal favorite Ludum Dare 43 entry, and I strongly recommend you give it a try. Play it here.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed and that you check out some of these excellent games. If you want to read about my last game jam gam, you can head here!

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