Play on Unity Web: Surfing the Great Wave

Project Date: January 2017

Production Time: 3 days

Language: Unity C#

Idea Summary: Create a new twist on a Flappy Bird control scheme

I entered the Google hosted Global Game Jam in January of 2017. The event is the largest Game Jam out there, and last year produced something around 7,000 games. I participated with a colleague of mine, and found an artist I happened to know during the initial team building mayhem as well as a very competent game design student.

Together, we created “Surfing the Great Wave,” in only three days. The game’s description reads “Surf a tsunami wave that is covering a Japanese village. Live through the Great Wave off Kanagawa by the artist Hokusai printed from wood block around 1830. Instruction: Hold to move faster.”  And that pretty much sums it up. It is absolutely playable!

While our location only hosted something like twenty teams, we wound up being voted the best game of the bunch. The game itself is extremely simple, as we chose to produce a miniature game that was well polished rather than shoot for a large scope. Which is pretty much always the right choice, even when you have more than three days.

It turned out well, and the GGJ page for more information on the jam or my team can be found here.