Concept: Create a business that runs itself

Language: Node.js hosted via Heroku

Production Time: On and off for 8 months

Project Date: November 2016

Check out Shitty Nonsense!

Shitty nonsense was a totally ridiculous exploration into the frankly terrifying land of Twitter bots. Essentially, I was curious about how the bots worked, and had this idea where I thought I could make a company that ran itself.

Me being me, I decided to take that concept and theme it utterly ridiculously. Really try to fit my, “Unexpected” persona. The idea was simple, create twitter bots that could always stay relevant, and could send messages from one user to another. This would passively generate some kind of utility, as well as free marketing.

The bots essentially all use what’s called a Markov Chain in order to generate gibberish from examples I give them combined with what things people have recently been Tweeting. Each bot has its own “flavor,” Insults, Compliments, Pick Ups, Fortunes and Motivation. The bots Tweet some of their gibberish once an hour, and infrequently tweet at users and follow people who match their hashtags.

The website is a place to manually generate some of their content, and actually use the bots to tweet this gibberish at people.