We could all use a little moreĀ self kindness!

Lately I have been feeling that we simply have too many distractions to be as kind to ourselves as we really should be. That’s why I’m designing Date U, the app to promote self kindness!

Me looking weird

I made an app to help you be kind to yourself in one weekend!

Watch the video here!

Try it on Android with the the DateU APK!

If you want to try it on iOS, contact me here!

My YouTube channel has been going really well, and it’s been exciting to add more and more people to the team. If you’re reading this right now, that means you’re one of them, and I’m happy as hell to have you on board.

I’ve been meaning to figure out how to add more coding to my channel, as I’m actually a game developer by trade. The biggest problem with game development is that it mostly involves coding, which I can’t imagine would be particularly exciting to watch for most people.

So I decided to do a “hackathon,” or “jam,” For the uninitiated, a Hackathon or game jam simply means that you have a certain amount fo time to build something given certain stipulations. For instance, I recently did the Google GGJ where I had two days to create a game based around the theme, “waves.”

For this self imposed 48 hour jam, I wanted to create an app that would promote self kindness in order to make being with other people easier and to make life in general less stressful. The current version, which is of course really ugly and really simple, is intended just to recommend things to do with yourself. Those could be just about anything. Maybe it tells you to take a bath, or maybe it suggests you go see a movie.

Whatever it may be, the point is to spend time with yourself and be happy that you were willing to put in the effort to do so! Enjoy!

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