Start your week hard: Polar Plunge

I wake up at 6am every Monday morning, bike a few blocks to Ocean Beach, San Francisco, and then jump in the frigid water until I can’t stand it anymore. Why do I start my week with a polar plunge? I’ll let my friend Stas put it the same way that originally convinced me to do it. “I like to start my week with the most difficult thing I’ll have to do, so that the rest of it feels easy,”

A beach in black and white

I am at a point in my life that requires a lot of work. That’s nothing new to many of us Americans, and neither is the fact that this involves a whole lot of stress. That, coupled with the constant incremental feeling of dread, means that I frequently search for new methods of motivation and stress relief.

And so I jump in the ocean: Polar Plunge

It turns out that getting really freakin’ cold is actually extremely healthy for you. Among numerous listed health benefits, you’ll find people talking about how it boosts your immune system and even makes you more eager to get freaky in the bed area.

Those benefits aside, the real reason I jump in the ocean once a week is simple. It’s because I feel like a freakin¬†badass.¬†That’s right. It’s plain and simple. I step out of the water dripping wet, shivering with nipples hard enough to cut diamonds, and I feel like I could destroy a planet. Or, far more likely for me, build one.

It’s come to the point where I actually find myself looking forward to this particular suicidal tendency. For the rest of the day after each dunk, I can feel my drive and my focus increased. I can feel the power in my body and the eagerness for success in my gut. The polar plunge is my muse. The cold lights the fires inside me and fuels me for the rest of the week.

And not just that

In addition, it has become a keystone habit of mine. Basically one habit that leads to a new world of other habits. I am now shifting my schedule to wake up at 6am every day, so that the 6am Mondays aren’t so sleep deprived. I’m also taking cold showers, for a little taste of the sacrifice every day. Plus, I find myself more consistently and honestly interested in success. It has literally changed my life. And I don’t say that kinda crap often.

So, my point is, go jump in the ocean. And maybe you don’t have an ocean, but figure out how to try this habit of mine. Take the coldest shower your pipes are capable off. Go walk around in the snow naked. Get god damn cold, and see how you feel.

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