Concept: Send eCards that are customized, playable games

Language: HTML and PHP

Production Time: Website in 3 months. Business plan over 2 years

Project Date: Dec 2014

Nuanotes was a business idea that was spawned during a college class and that I continued with for two years after college. The business plan acted as my final project for my Business Management major, and it went on to win first place in the 2014 Rhode Island elevator Pitch contest.

I ultimately decided not to pursue Nuanotes due to the steep need for investment and a potentially narrow target market. But it proved to be a valuable learning experience for me. I gained a lot of traditional startup knowledge and still have fantasies of making it work.

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The Pitch that Won it All

Last summer, one of my mentors and good friends decided to move back to his home country of India. While it might surprise you, programmers are actually really weird, and I wanted something more personal and lasting than a typical card, so I built him a game. I created a simple framework where people could write him a single goodbye sentence and choose a character in the game to deliver it. As he played it, his coworkers’ goodbyes were shown across the screen and a few months later he wrote me to tell me that he still played it. This kind of experience is why I created Nuanotes.

Including online services, the global annual value of the greeting card industry is an estimated 7.5$ billion. Nuanotes is a unique approach to eCards, addressing the fact that greeting cards haven’t changed since the ancient Chinese wrote them on papyrus. Customers will be able to select a card that are each their own interactive game, played right in the browser. They will then be able to customize the look and content, making a card from Nuanotes a 100% unique, personalized experience.

Nuanotes will be a freemium service, meaning some notes will be free, while others paid. These options will be routinely rotated, and non-free cards will be just a dollar, with a membership fee alternative and numerous customer loyalty plans. Startup costs are negligible, so just a few sales will cause a break even. I will start by running all operations myself before hiring an artist and eventually a full development team.

A startup is not about the numbers, it’s about the idea and the person behind it. So, my name is Willem Delventhal, and I am an honors Business Management major with a double minor in Computer Science and Web Development. I sold my first game at 15 years old and ran my first profitable company at 20. But, most importantly, I have the drive and the passion take Naunotes from one computer to hundreds of thousands.

Nuanotes Elevator Pitch