A white board with doodles on it

The artists at work are making me a new icon!

I have some super awesome artist buddies at work. They are all just ridiculously creative and ridiculously talented, and so I naturally asked for an “If You Willem,” icon… and they actually agreed!

Well I was amped just to hear they were going to do it, and then halfway through the day yesterday, they called me to their desk to the best surprise I’ve gotten in freakin forever. A bajillion sketches of potential icons!!!

What are your guys’ favorite? Should I be minion Willem? Berserk Willem? Do you like having Fez in the picture? So many possibilities!

I think my personal favorite is the googly eyed one in the middle left there. But I also really like the idea of Fez being a more key part of my social presence. I’m so excited to see the final product!

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