Concept: Automatic cat entertainment and remote control functionality made accessible

Language: Unity C#

Project Date: August 2017 – Present

On August 3rd, 2018, I walked out of the doors of a very comfortable job to start my own business. I gave a quick goodbye with a few hugs and was out of the doors at 6pm on my last day. The next morning, I was in Pasadena, California, pitching Mew and Me for 16 hours over two days.

I left exhausted. It took me weeks to fully recover from the struggle of those last few months. I had been trying to close out a game at my prior company in tandem with starting my own business. I was CEO, Engineer and everything in between. It all culminated in that weekend. But when I walked out, I went from 50 Beta Testers to over 400.

Mew and Me is my first real shot at entrepreneurship. It is a collection of automatic video games for cats played on tablets. They are the only games intended to be left on when you are out of the house, and the first games that track your pet’s usage to show you what they have been up to. Mew and Me believes both in improving the quality of life for your animal, and giving you a window into their day that you wouldn’t have had before.

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