No longer available anywhere 🙁 

Project Date: Nov 2015

Production Time: 6 Months

Language: Corona

Idea Summary: Educational kids game set in the snow

After getting comfortable with LumiKids’ infrastructure and design style with LumiKids Park, I moved into a much bigger role with their third standalone children’s educational app, LumiKids Snow. The project was such an absolute blast, and I became responsible for two of the three games the app had, as well as a few minor elements in other parts of the experience.

In Lumi Kids Snow, children are faced with an overworld where they can explore tons of fun interactions and three unique educational games. My two games taught children working memory, with an adorable, “Find the seal!,” game, as well as physics, with a game where you help penguins catch balloons. Unfortunately, Lumosity shut down LumiKids due to difficulty supporting the extra app, and so it is no longer available. Below is information from the site, and a video of people exploring the whole app.

Explore an arctic adventure in LumiKids Snow! In this frozen playground, meet new LumiKids friends while you toss snowballs and sled around then warm up with some cozy s’mores!

  • Practice letter shapes and sounds: Trace each letter’s path for your friends to sled their way through the alphabet, hearing letter sounds and names as you go.
  • Use problem solving and self-directed learning: Help the aviator penguins by experimenting with different playground objects they can use to find their way to all the balloons.
  • Challenge memory recall:  The walrus wants to find his seal friends in a fun game of hide and seek! Watch where the seals hide and use memory to find their correct locations.
  • Share s’mores with cuddly friends: These yetis are hungry and are excited for you to share the marshmallows you roast over the open flame