Why do you watch Nic Cage movies?

That’s right. I asked it. I asked THE question. Why the heck do people watch Nick Cage movies? To be honest, I know the answer. It’s because they’re terrible. They’re so terrible, that they’re fantastic. Which is also why our entry into Ludum Dare 40 is so fantastic. So why don’t you try Tony Hawk’s Hatchback Stunt Simulator: Ghost Protocol. And you can play it here.

A car doing a weird trick

What is Ludum Dare 40?

If you don’t know, the Ludum Dare is a game jam. That basically just means that you are given a certain period of time in order to make a game given a specific “theme,” or challenge. In this case, you can do one of two things. You can enter the “Compo,” where you have 48 hours, and the entire game needs to be made by a single person. Or you can enter the much looser, much more fun “jam,” where you have 72 hours to make the game, you can have teammates, and you can use assets that you find other places. The Ludum Dare is also one of the biggest and most consistent game jams there is, with regularly over 2,000 entries.

So what did you hoodlums make?

I already freakin told you! We made Tony Hawk’s Hatchback Stunt Simulator: Ghost Protocol! Yeah yeah, it’s a mouthful, I know. The gist is that you drive a car with ridiculous, difficult to control physics and try to do sweet tricks. The theme of Ludum Dare 40 was “The more you get, the worse it is,” To incorporate that, every time you die in the game, which is required to perform a trick, a ghost is created that does that trick over and over, to the end of time.

Only these ain’t just yo normal ghosts. They can freakin kill yah. You best be careful. Make ever trick count.

Oh. And try to find the tank.

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