Let’s be kind to each other

Do you remember how awesome you were to other people when you were a kid? How happy go lucky and bright the world seemed? And do you remember how awesome you were to yourself, too? Why did that ever have to change? Well, to be frank, it didn’t. That’s why I made this kindness app, called Date U. And this is it’s page. Welcome.

A dork excited about being kind

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Tell me about kindness

There are many reasons to be kind, some of them better than others. It is of course good to treat other people well. It is also of course good to treat ourselves well. But interestingly enough, there are actually a ton of scientifically proven reasons to be kind.

Among some of the health benefits that Random Acts of Kindness lists, there are some that you might expect, like an increase in dopamine, the natural happy drug, when witnessing an act of kindness. It also decreases stress and even helps people deal with pain.

But there are some crazy benefits too. There’s a potential increase in lifespan, where a study showed that people above the age of 55 who volunteer for at least two organizations have a 44% decrease in the likelihood of dying early. Or that there is a noticeable decrease in blood pressure and depression when people are exposed to acts of kindness. Basically, it’s freaking magic. And that’s why I’m building a Kindness App.

Tell me about this kindness app

According to those same fine people at Random Acts of Kindness, Kindness is teachable and learnable. However bitter a person may be, there is the possibility to learn to be kinder to themselves and others. Imagine weight lifting. Anybody can pack on some muscle weight. All it takes is dedication and training.

When I read about this phenomenon, I wanted a light weight way to remind myself to practice kindness. So I spent a weekend creating Date U, the very first version of this kindness app, themed as a way to “Date Yourself.”

Basically, every day, it recommends one thing for you to do for yourself. It could be taking a bath, or reading a book. And then it reminds you, once you have completed this thing, to be grateful for this work. And that’s basically it!

I’m now working on the next version, which will shed the dating theme, and will be about kindness in general instead of just for you. There will be more episodes on my YouTube channel incoming about it, and this page will always stay up to date. So subscribe! If You Willem.

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