Another 48 hour game!

The Game Jam is one of my very favorite things to do, and if you follow me, you’ve heard about them before. Essentially, you have a certain period of time to make a game. There’s also often a theme. Well, this time around we did the Ludum Dare, a popular one that happens regularly, and gets somewhere around 2,000 entries every time. This time the theme was, “The more you have, the worse it is,” and so naturally we made Tony Hawk’s Hackback Stunt Simulator: Ghost Protocol.

The Logistics

Playable on Web, Mac and Windows: Play it here

  • Client programming: Eli Delventhal and Willem Delventhal
  • Server programming: Zac Delventhal
  • Music and audio: Mario Godoy, with some voiceovers by Sam Godoy
  • Game design and level design: The Delventhals
  • Graphics: Unity Asset Store
  • Built in about 48 hours
  • Made in Unity C#

What did you make this game jam?

Well, I did this one with my two brothers. We had been wanting to make something together for a long time, and this game jam finally gave us an excuse to do so. Go figure me and my brothers are freaking weird, and so we made something freaking weird.

If you’ve played goat simulator, you know this style of game. Basically, weird silly controls in a weird silly world doing weird silly stuff. It’s mostly ridiculous. And hilarious. And we made one in a game jam.

How’s it play?

In Tony Hawk’s Hackback Stunt Simulator: Ghost Protocol, you are attempting to do sweet tricks, a la Tony Hawk. You get points for everything you do, like a spin or gettin really high in the sky. But the twist is that you need to finish your trick by exploding, otherwise you get no points.

To fit in the theme, “The more you have, the worse it is,” we created the Ghost Protocol. Basically, every time you die, a copy of you is created that perpetually does everything you did up until death. And it does it over and over. And can totally run into you.

So every game mostly goes the same way. You start with a really crappy car, try to drive, and suddenly explode because the controls are just straight up bizarre. Then you see a copy of yourself exploding. Again. Forever. And ever. And ever. And then you laugh. And then you fill up the town with your failures. And you laugh more. And everything is great.

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