Play Through Lumosity: Fuse Clues

Project Date: December 2016

Production Time: 1 Year

Language: Unity C# for Mobile & Flash AS3 for Web

Idea Summary: Create a logical reasoning and pattern recognition task

I began working for the Brain Game company Lumosity shortly after college graduation. While my first six months were spent working with LumiKids, I was eventually transitioned to the main game team. There I spent some time prototyping potential new games for the company, before eventually deciding on Fuse Clues due to the need for more logical reasoning games.

Fuse Clues is a fairly simple concept. The player is given a set of fuses, each with their own number, in a pre-designed order. Some of the fuses will already be in place, and the others will be missing. The numbers all form a pattern. The most simple patterns are things like (n-1)+2, where the pattern would just be 2,4,6,8. Patterns get incredibly complex in higher levels. Players are tasked with using the yellow fuses, some of which are distractions, to fill in the missing pieces of the pattern.

While you will need a Lumosity Subscription to play, you can take a look at my favorite player below.