Play At Lumosity: Feel the Beat

Project Date: December 2017 – August 2018

Language: Unity C#

Idea Summary: Teach Rhythm and Reach Experiential Users

Feel the Beat was my second full game with the main Lumosity team. It was unique in that I really took the reigns with this one, shared with the artist who paired with me. We decided that Lumosity had been focussing too much on the same users, and wanted to experiment with trying to hit a new user group. We had recently discovered an unusual segment of players that we hadn’t been servicing in the past, and decided to go after them. So we designed Feel the Beat, an unusual 80s themed rhythm game.

Feel the Beat was by far the most challenging project I worked on for Lumosity from an Engineer’s perspective. The brain training games company has always had the interesting stipulation of designing for an extremely wide range of players. We need to be able to support the elderly and mentally disabled, as well as literal geniuses. This meant that I had to create a rhythm generator that could pump out over 8,000 levels with a reliable ramp in difficulty. This literally took months, but boy, was it fun.

I am particularly proud of Feel the Beat. Thanks to my partner artist, it has such a wonderful sense of style. That coupled with the fascinating challenge of teaching rhythm, and the general obstacles we overcame inside of the company to even make it happen, makes me really proud of it. While you won’t be able to play without a Lumosity subscription, take a look at one of my favorite players below.

I also recommend checking out Lumosity, and playing it when you can.