Dorks need motivation too

I had a drunken conversation at some point where me and a friend went on and on about what RPG class we felt we most embodied. Well, turns out that this idea became an extremely powerful form of dorky motivation for me, so I figured I’d share it with all you people.

Willem looking like a dork

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What the crap is an RPG Class

*Gasp* Well, I’ll do my best not to judge you, friend. An RPG Class is kind of like the equivalent to our modern day professions. It is your character’s specialization in a Role Playing Game. These come in many many forms. Let’s mention a few basic ones.

Warrior: Strong and courageous, the warrior excels at hand to hand combat and can soak up a lotta damage.

Rogue: Nefarious and sneaky, the rogue excels at accomplishing things via alternative means, whether that be through poison or a knife in the back.

Mage: Powerful and intelligent, a mage is a master of magic in many different categories.

These three classes often make up the fundamental kit for many RPG games. There are of course many many others, like the ranger, or the cleric, or the enchanter. But I encourage you to get creative with this exercise. Really, any vaguely medieval sounding profession will do. Make it your own!

Well which one am I?

That’s up to you! The important thing is that you have a true explanation of why you are this class, and that it gets a little deeper than just, “That’s totally what I’d do in the age of castles,” I consider myself a Paladin. Now, the Paladin often comes along with a lot of religious mumbo jumbo, but I decided on this particular class for a few reasons.

One, this guy is a tank. He can take a beating. My tenacity and raw work ethic are often what I rely on to get out of situations, so that felt like it fit. Two, along with being this thick skinned warrior, the paladin is often a healer. He can cast spells to heal and aid his allies. I care very much about those close to me, and feel dearly for those who are hurting. The last, and most important reason, is his quest. The paladin exists to battle evil. He has a vision that the world can be good among all the bad. Now that might sound dorky as all hell, and it totally is, but holy SHIT does that make the world more exciting. Pure dorky motivation.

So what are you then? Are you an assassin, because you believe on your own survival above others, and can take out your enemies with a well crafted remark? Are you a shaman? A lover of nature, with magical abilities for healing and insight? I don’t know! You tell me!

And how is this dorky motivation?

Well, you can make up your own mind about how important this is to you. But holy mother of shit has this been motivating for me. And clarifying. Suddenly, I have this really specific and exciting tool to look at life with.

A homeless guy talks to me on the bus. Classic NPC Willem may turn up his music and look away, because social interaction uses energy and ew homeless people. But Paladin Willem would never. What a hateful thing to do to somebody. Paladin Willem would listen to what this guy had to say, and maybe even try to learn from him. He’d basically cast a minor healing spell.


One of the reasons I’m working on my Self Kindness App is simply because that feels like the modern day Paladin’s quest. It’s a big old enchantment I have the know how to create that will offer healing to those who use it.

So what the hell class are you? And what does that mean for you? What’s your quest? Is this good dorky motivation?

Be sure to leave me a comment about it below.

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