Conscious Gamification

What the heck is Conscious Gamification?

Games have a power to them. A heroic power. The power of Conscious Gamification. If we were to take a moment to get literal, many games exist today that do good in the world. We might talk about the Brain Training App Lumosity, whose core mission is to help people hone their abilities under the guise of just playing games. Or we could talk about Karmafy, a service that gets game companies to donate profits to good causes. But let’s try to be a little less literal.

Perhaps we could talk about inspiration. How many kids these days might owe their desire to do good in the world to when they first faced Ganondorf, and saved the land of Hyrule from darkness? There is even some evidence out there that games can cause people to seek real world understanding of important subjects like math and sciences.

But the thing that is incredible about games, is that they don’t just have a power when they stand alone. There are already some incredible examples of games that do good, but game design can spread much further than such confines. Gamification is the use of game design principles in products and other systems in order to encourage specific actions from users. You can use games to make a lot of money in your products. But you can also use it to do a lot of good.

Conscious Gamification is the next step. It is the combination of traditional gamification strategies and the emerging landscape of conscious products. It is the application of game design to not only improve product performance and make money, but also to create meaningful and impactful change on the user, and the world.

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