Download Flash file: Cactus City Roads

Project Date: October 2013

Production Time: 2 Weeks

Language: Flash AS3

Idea Summary: Horror game with a horse name

Gameplay Summary: Players must search for missing fuel canisters in order to get their car up and running and escape the horrors of the desert.

Production Summary: This was a really interesting one. After missing the deadline for a Ludum Dare, I signed up for a Salt World Forums game competition. The only limiting factors for this were that the game had to have a horror theme, and that it needed to be titled after a real life race horse. A couple of Google searches later,  I found the name, and the inspiration followed. This was my first AS3 game, and my first attempt at object oriented programming. Instead, it mostly meant all of my code was in one file, and the code was so touchy, changing absolutely anything could cause a crash. It was frustrating, but I finished the project on time, and submitted to the contest. While I didn’t win, I did take home the prize for “The Most Spooky Game.”