Sacrifices Must Be Made

Play the original (48 hr): Behead

Play the newest (3 weeks): Behead

Project Date: December 2018

Language: Unity C#

Idea Summary: Make a twisted version of Fruit Ninja

The Kingdom is in Peril!

A famine has reached our lands. The peasants are populating too quickly. Sacrifices must be made…


  • Swipe over a peasant’s neck to sacrifice
  • Be accurate for the best score
  • Get combos for bonus points
  • Don’t let the screen fill with dirty, dirty peasants


Behead is a simple arcade style hack and slash game. Silly peasants are flung across the screen, and you must accurately behead them using your finger to save the kingdom.

In a kingdom with only so much food to go around, sacrifices must be made. The peasants will understand. Or, at least, the survivors will…

See how high of a score you can get before we are inevitably brought to ruin.

I had already had a game where you played an executioner on the mind, when suddenly you Ludum Dare 43 DELIVERED on a great theme. “Sacrifices Must Be Made,” As soon as I saw what it would be for LD43, I knew I had to join. This is Behead, the game of political famine. I’m really proud of how it turned out! And really enjoyed myself. Hope you enjoy it too!