Play on Unity Web: Bald Wizard Versus Evil

Project Date: June 2017

Production Time: 3 days

Language: Unity C#

Idea Summary: Say goodbye to my coworker via a game

I had a really fantastic mentor by the name of Ethan for my first year and a half at Lumosity. He was an absolutely excellent Game Designer, and a really fantastic guy. Always willing to use up his time to teach you something new or help you out with a problem. We even teamed up for the Global Game Jam of 2017.

So when he announced that he was leaving Lumosity, I was so dang sad! He was such a great dude, and I couldn’t believe that he’d be headed out so soon. In order to give him as proper a send off as I could I designed him this game. And even more important than that, I made the end reward for beating the game goodbye messages from all of his coworkers.

Hope to see you around, Ethan.