Play on Web via Flash: Aqua Reverb

Project Date: 2010

Production Time: 3 months

Language: Flash AS 2

Idea Summary: Find objects via sonar blasts

Gameplay Summary: Players are told the name or a hint of an object hidden at the bottom of the sea. They can then tap their submersible to
send a blast of sonar into the water. This will illuminate the sea for a brief period of time, during which they can see the sea floor.
Clicking on the correct object at any time causes the level to then be won, and a point score is awarded.

Production Summary: Aqua Reverb was my first full response to becoming a preferred developer at Addicting Games. It came about from a
very simple idea in which I wanted to create a more modern iSpy game. Using AS2 and the built in layering of flash, I created a very simple system
where the blasts of sonar “illuminate” the objects to be found at the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, the gameplay was ultimately not
incredibly fun, and the project was rejected from Addicting Games.