Play on Web via Flash: Animal Decrossing

Project Date: April 2014

Production Time: 2 Weeks

Language: Flash AS3

Idea Summary: Demake a modern game

Gameplay Summary: Use the arrow keys to walk around and interact with the town. Collect money to buy new clothes, upgrade your house, and buy gyroids.

Production Summary: I entered a competition from called a “Mini Dare.” Participants were given a specific task and then given a limited time to make it. In this competition, I had two weeks to “demake” a modern game. Simply speaking, we had to take the modern game and turn them into a classical version of the same game. I decided to demake Animal Crossing, one of my favorite Gamecube classics. All art and code was by me, in that two week period. However, I did find the music by somebody else.

This is actually one of my favorite projects, and I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. It is simple, but fun to play and overall gives me a smile every time I boot it up.