man and cat

Willem Delventhal and Fez

Hello! I’m Willem Delventhal. I’m the founder and CEO of Mew and Me. We are discovering pet play.

I am the cross section between product and game design, with a uniquely conscious perspective. I do consulting for those interested in that perspective, as well as just general technical and business knowhow.

As YuKai Chou put it, game designers have spent the last 40 years figuring out how to motivate people to do things that they don’t have to do. Otherwise known as, playing games. This is a relatively untapped source of motivational knowledge. Gamification, as it is called, is the application of game design principles on non game systems.

My special twist on this practice is the application of conscious principles into gamification theory. I sometimes go as far as calling myself the, “Conscious Games Guy,”

Or, as I summarize it for social media

“Conscious Gamification: The Heroic Power of Games,”

I am open to consulting and connecting, but otherwise I am not looking for work at this time.

I have been doing this, or something recognizably like this, since I was 15. At that time I sold my very first game to an online games website for a whopping $500. It sure wasn’t much, but at the time it felt like something serious had just happened.

Flash forward to when I was 20, I worked through one of the roughest summers of my life. I ran a small painting business for approximately six months. While there were many aspects of this time that I now find distasteful, it still taught me that I had some true abilities under my fingertips. And that I could make $60,000 in six months.

Finally, come age 25, I put the two together. I had a handful of important moments between here and then, but Mew and Me became my muse at that time. A true company. Something I could use to do big things. And that I was uniquely qualified to create.