Hello. I’m Willem. The Conscious Games Guy

man and cat
This is me. And my cat. Fez

I appreciate the fact that you are interested enough in learning about me that you came to this page, friend. My name is Willem Delventhal. I am the self proclaimed Conscious Games Guy. I help products make money with earnest positive intention.

Consultant. Speaker. Tutor.

I am a dork. And I revel in it. I have spent 11 years building games. And in spirit, much longer. I have also been building products for 6. I combine these two fields with a uniquely conscious perspective. I call it Conscious Gamification.

Game designers have spent the last 40 years learning about human motivation. Unlike death and taxes, nobody has to play games. And yet, Gamers spend an average of 6 hours a week on their favorite hobby. We are well trained in the art of getting people to do things. You can see our handiwork everywhere. Unfortunately, a lot of it has been used in really negative ways.

Such ways are frankly dated. There is a remarkable amount of evidence that shows that companies that care do better. I apply game dynamics to companies that genuinely care. And I help those companies make a lot of money doing it.

So hire me.

I have been doing this, or something recognizably like this, since I was 15. At that time I sold my very first game to an online games website for a whopping $500. It sure wasn’t much, but at the time it felt like something serious had just happened.

Flash forward to when I was 20, I ran a small painting business for approximately six months. It was rough, but I learned a lot. And I managed to make $60,000.

Finally, come age 25, I put the two together. Mew and Me became my muse at that time. A silly weekend project turned into something incredible. A company that will make positive changes to the world, and make a lot of money doing it. And also one that I was uniquely qualified to create.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you read about the 4 Pillars of Conscious Gamification. It rocks. Promise.

Either way. I wish you the best friendo.

Also. Hire me.

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You rock.