Play Web: Quick Draw Rangers

Project Date: 2008

Production Time: 3 months

Language: Flash AS2

Idea Summary: Quick click wild west shooter

Gameplay Summary: In Quick Draw Rangers, the player waits for the announcer to shout “draw.” When this happens, the player’s character stands, and the player must quickly click on the opponent, before being shot. This may sound simple, but every new round of enemies gets
more tricks and trades, from moving characters, to just plain cheating.

Production Summary:  Quick Draw Rangers was my very first full game and was the catalyst that cemented my decision to create games. Purchased by Addicting Games for $500, the game actually did well enough to make me a preferred developer at the website, and got me really excited by what I could make with this whole programming thing. Incredibly simple by code, using keyframes and frame skipping, it proved to have really addictive gameplay yet simple gameplay, and to this day is one of my games I come back to for
inspiration and a bit of nostalgia.